RuneScape Account Rental

We also provide a Runescape account rental service here at NMZ Training. Yes, you can possibly rent a Maxed OSRS account from us and see how good you are at a higher level of the game. If you want to know how it feels like battling in the duel arena or simply want to have loads of fun at higher levels of the game, feel free to rent one of our Maxed Runescape accounts. The account Runescape account rental process is extremely easy too.

At NMZ Training, we have handcrafted many accounts that you can rent and test the waters at higher levels. The accounts are fully equipped with all the necessary items including 99 attack, 99 defense, 99 strength, 99 hitpoints and the abyssal tentacle whip as well as the dragon dagger. It is a fully equipped account ready to take on the bosses like a boss!

How to Rent a Maxed Account

The max main rental process is quite easy. Just fill the simple form on our site and click rent now to start using the max main OSRS account. We not only have the cheapest account rental prices but also ensure that the process is handled securely.

You can pay for the account rental service using any one of our multiple payment methods. Keep in mind that you’ll be required to pay a small deposit besides the rental charges. The deposit will be refunded after your allocated playing time expires. We ask for the small deposit to cover the precious items you find in the account such as the tentacle whip and dragon dagger.

Runescape Account Rental Terms and Conditions

You’ll also be required to accept our terms and conditions before you start using the rental account. We have very simple terms and conditions for the service. They include the following rules:

  • Always abide by all the in-game rules
  • We don’t allow live streaming
  • We don’t allow real world trading
  • We’ll not refund if the account gets a ban. Play safely.
  • You are not allowed to leave the duel arena
  • We don’t allow account sharing.
  • Don’t take away any item from the account
  • Your allocated time starts counting as soon as you receive the login details
  • If you have any issue or question, consult our support via Live Chat 5 minutes before your time starts counting.

Once you agree to our terms and conditions, all you’ll need to do is to pay the rental amount depending on your desired play time and we’ll send you the account login details as soon as possible. Feel free to contact our support via Live Chat for any question you may have about our account rental service.

Rent an OSRS Maxed Main

Renting an account is fast and easy, and we accept a huge variety of payment methods. Looking to win big at the duel arena, or just want to have a bit of fun pking, our rental service is perfect for you.

There is a small deposit required which will be refunded after your time has expired. This is just to cover the value of the items on the account (i.e Whip).

By renting an account you automatically accept our Terms Of Service

Game How many hours? Price (OSRS GP) Purchase
OSRS 0.00m